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In the Pacific recorded another strong earthquake

В Тихом океане зафиксировали еще одно мощное землетрясение Tremors were observed off the coast of Indonesia.

Near the coast of the island of Java in Indonesia, an earthquake of magnitude 6.0.

The epicenter of the earthquake recorded on Wednesday, 10 October, at 18:44 UTC, was located at 56.5 miles to the North-East of the city of Situbondo, the center lies at a depth of 10.4 kilometres.

Information on victims and destructions did not arrive. The danger warning of a tsunami has not been published.

We will remind, on September 28 near the coast of the island of Sulawesi earthquake of magnitude 7.5 and the ensuing tsunami killed about two thousand people, with several thousand still unaccounted for. More than 70 thousand persons remained without a roof over your head.

The most powerful earthquake in recent years occurred in Indonesia on 27 may 2006, killing approximately 5.100 people. Affected Indonesia and resulted most destructive earthquake of this century occurred in southern Asia on 26 December 2004, which killed about 240,000.

Indonesia is part of the so-called Pacific ring of fire (powerful tectonic fault). In this district are the most active tectonic plates, one of which moves with a velocity of seven centimeters per year. Annually seismologists register here six or seven thousand earthquakes of magnitude above 4.0.

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