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In the Pacific ocean found a “devil’s triangle”

В Тихом океане обнаружен «треугольник дьявола»Scientists explain this from the point of view of the known laws of physics could not.

Scientists, having studied this anomalous zone, have come to the conclusion that, most likely, is a portal to another dimension.

From the Bermuda triangle in the Atlantic ocean there is a “clone” in the Quiet. There have been cases of disappearance of ships and planes.

The mysterious place is close to Japan. The latest victim of the “Devil’s Triangle”, as it has been dubbed by researchers, has become a Chinese cargo ship. Three months after it unsuccessfully sought, but it has been lost.

Therefore, as one of the assumptions put forward the existence of a certain portal to another dimension in this place of the ocean. For example, a Japanese Professor Junichi AOI believes that it is possible to draw an analogy with radio waves.

Appearing in one place, they can be broadcast over many thousands of kilometers, however, for the eye is moving quickly. The same thing can happen with items that fall into such a portal.

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