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In the Pacific found strange footprints

В Тихом океане нашли странные следы Specialist is inclined to think that the huge marks left behind by the whales.

In the Pacific ocean between Mexico and Hawaii at a depth of four kilometers, found strange tracks.

Traces with a length of about two and a half meters and a depth of about thirty centimeters has been found by deep-sea robot British researchers from the National Oceanography centre in Southampton.

Scientists have ruled out the possibility of mining or scientific operations, and also stated that the markings are too large to be left by the fish or deep-sea animals.

One of the researchers, Dr. Lee Marsh, said: “the Analysis showed that the footprints are not distributed randomly”. Specialist is inclined to think that the huge marks left by the whales, which in extremely rare cases, can dive to such great depths.

Other experts claim that it tracks, which is not on the ground.

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