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In the opening “American horror story” flashed Freddy Krueger?!

Make yourself comfortable. Wipe the monitors. The time has come ing amazing theories.

A couple of days ago we met a solemn and bloody opening of the seventh season of “American horror story”, which (the season, not the opening theme) bears the subtitle “the Cult”. In the Intro, as expected, there are all sorts of horror: clowns, people in masks, Donald trump and Hillary Clinton. Although, of course, they are not alone. For example, Joshua millican of Horror Freak News spotted there… Freddy Krueger!

Seriously, watch the video again and note the final (58 seconds). See the little person on the carousel?

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It’s really old Freddy looked at the light? Silhouette in the hat, the sinister lighting… Damn it, now it is very difficult to convince yourself that this guy is not a striped sweater. I think if you look long in the screenshot below, you can even smell the charred flesh and hear the blades scratching carousel horse.

The theory of how crazy, and so entertaining. We know that Freddy can expect anything, he’s there and Spielberg recently flashed. It would be cool to see him in one form or another in “American horror story”.

Although to be completely objective (and not want), it should be noted that someone within the hat on the carousel flashed earlier, and his face you could see a little better. Frankly, Krueger is primarily not think. But, first, there could easily be (and was!) several characters in hats, and secondly, if someone is not at all similar to Freddy Krueger, it does not mean that he can’t kill through dreams.

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The new season of “AIU” will return to TV channel FX is already on 5 September. With Freddy or not there will be something to see.

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