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In the occupied Donetsk residents check on their devotion to “the Republic”

В оккупированном Донецке жителей проверяют на преданность "республике"Donetsk residents are impoverished and seek happiness elsewhere.

The work situation in the occupied territories of Donbass remains deplorable. Fighting plant closures, mass Exodus of specialists in a calm region led to the collapse of the system of employment. To find a good job with at least a stable salary is almost unreal.

The average wage in the occupied territories of Donbass – 5697 rubles, according to the center for employment of the so-called “DNR”. This 2686 hryvnia or without a few cents of $ 100 per month. The residents of Donetsk report that the salary of 6000-7000 rubles is considered good by local standards. Anything above, say Donetsk residents or employees occupying a variety of “ministries” and “agencies”, or these salaries are “sharpened” under the various penalties. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“You can get the seller of the “top ten” (10 000 roubles. – Ed.) but half of this sum will be spent on fines for missing or for being late from break for a minute, for the look, if suddenly forgot to wear disposable gloves… more 6-7 thousand never bring them back did not work”, – says the seller of supermarket Lilia Surgucheva.

In the list of vacancies “employment center DNR” is still visible, a catastrophic shortage of doctors, teachers, engineers. Always need drivers of trolleybuses and trams, even the promised salary in 10 thousand roubles (4700 UAH) is not particularly attracted to Donetsk. As the work of janitors (3500 rubles, or UAH 1650), or teachers at 0.5 or 0.75 bet for roughly the same salary.

“I work in a hospital as a cleaner part-time – says donchanka Veronica. And in order to survive had more part-time to school to go to wash floors. In the hospital, you get 1750 rubles (750 UAH), and at school – two thousand (UAH 870). The working day begins since seven mornings in the hospital, and after lunch, run to school and until the evening. Of course come home all tired but no other way. Find another job is very difficult, and you have to be content with what is.”

“Commitment to the ideas of the Republic”

The budget of the organization honestly promise that hardly more than 4000-5000 rubles (1880-2350 UAH) will get their new employees, except that the provision will save 50 percent copayment, but their offer is not everywhere.

В оккупированном Донецке жителей проверяют на преданность "республике"

“In one of the “ministries” the salary of ordinary employees, 15-20, 000 (7000-9400 UAH). But it’s the unattainable job to get it is almost unreal, only through the influence of friends or acquaintances, told donchanin Igor Simpleton. And it’s not so much the experience or competencies, as the commitment to the DNR. For interview for a long time say grope people.”

“Commitment to the ideas of the Republic” is often one of the requirements for candidates are vacancies not only in public organizations but also in commercial.

“I market a job. The output of the proposed 200 rubles, stand from 8 am to 3 PM. Said, “If you “dill”, do not take”. I thought about it and decided to abandon such a “tempting” offer. Got a job as a dishwasher in a cafe – there are 300 rubles per night paid and no one is interested in the political views of the staff” – shared donchanka Maria Shilova.

The miners do not see the salaries of six months

One of the most revered in the Donbass professions, about the prosperity which is so loved to tell the adherents of the “Russian world”, in fact, was in a deplorable condition. The vast majority of mines in the occupied territory, if not closed, then definitely experiencing financial difficulties. First and foremost, this is a direct hit by the miners, who, despite the fact that regularly descend into the earth and give out on-mountain of coal, many months do not receive a salary.

“We have to “recall” (mine them. V. M. Bazhanova. – Ed.) the salary issue is not clear – says the miner Vitaly. – In October last year, is still not fully paid off. Constantly give salary parts. It is 4000 rubles (1750 UAH) give, 2000 (870 UAH). And it only covers only what you have, and that the entire amount at once to give – say that there is no money. I’ve been thinking to leave here, but at other mines even worse situation. In Enakievo or Gorlovka mines generally are closed, people dispersed without severance pay. So we can say afloat holding. Although underground shift down prey there, and the Ledger always throws up his hands – no money”.

В оккупированном Донецке жителей проверяют на преданность "республике"

The hungry 90s back

On websites devoted to finding work in the occupied territories, often publish lists of occupations in demand and wages. It turns out that the most popular in the “country” – managers and sales representatives with a car, then realtors and rescuers, and only then – the miners stope. The doctors and programmers are at the end of the list, although, for example, only one hospital in Debaltsevo needs doctors of almost all fields.

“Now like ravenous the nineties are back, says Donetsk. – Lads getting fat at restaurants, but for ordinary people the salary of 5000 roubles (2200 UAH) is a joy. First and foremost, save on the rest. For two years in a row vacation hold home. There is simply no money to go somewhere to the sea. Fruit and meat are now buying less, preferring the more economical foods – cereals, pasta. Also not enough money to upgrade the wardrobe you have to wear old things bought before the war. Some jeans can cost as much as a whole salary, and a luxury we can’t afford”, – said the Donetsk Valentin Lay.

“Barely got away”

Impoverished Donetsk looking for the opportunity to earn outside Donetsk, the benefit of ads missing. In Moscow, the taxi drivers, the construction of churches in the Crimea, builders in Rostov-na-Donu. Promised unimaginable wages from 20 000 to 50 000 rubles (9400 – 23500 UAH), but increasingly, the Pitmen returned disappointed.

“Promised construction of cottages near Moscow to pay 20 thousand per month, accommodation and meals. In the end, for the accommodation and food is subtracted, the hands were given irregularly thousand for 5-6. I barely got away because I was working 12-14 hours a day, – said the resident of Makeyevka Gennady Lyashenko. I said that my legs would not be there. Left Pokrovsk, there is also the builders need. Work, get 8 thousand hryvnias on time and everything is fine.”

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