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In the occupied Crimea, Ukrainian radio station heard

В оккупированном Крыму слышны украинские радиостанцииThanks Chongar tower Ukrainian radio station can be heard on a vast territory of the Peninsula from the Old Crimea and Simferopol almost the complete absence in the air of Russian FM-radio stations.

According to Sergei Kostinsky, against a successful project, which is implemented in the state and a private investor Network of Ukraine this year, “Ukrainian television” actually carries information sabotage.

“Watch Ukrainian TV – there you Vadim Rabinovich on the TV channel “112” says that the Russian broke the Ukrainian tower on Chongar and broadcast it to the Ukrainian mainland. And none of the technicians of the TV channel “112” came up behind her and told Mr. Rabinovich that he is a complete “heresy”. That is, in principle, from a technical point of view it is impossible,” wrote Kostinskogo.

“But here, I read the Russian press, Russians on the contrary argue that this is due to we Chongar the tower broke “their” information space” – said a member of the national Council.

“As to the real distance at which Chongar say UA: Ukrainian radio on 100.7 MHz and Radio “Crimea.Realities” 105.9 FM, 549 AM, says a video of Kalanchak, Kherson oblast, about 100 km from Chongarsky RTPs. Individual contribution to broadcasting on the territory of Crimea, especially on the Kerch Peninsula, makes the Concern of RRT – with its tower in Genichesk,” wrote Kostinskogo.

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