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In the New year Kyiv taxi drivers will carry the higher rate

В Новый год киевские таксисты будут возить по повышенному тарифуTaxi drivers hope to earn good money.

In the eve of new year holidays the capital’s taxi service has canceled low fares, putting passengers before the fact: I want to go — pay in full. Inflated prices and traders. Journalists found out how much taxi drivers earn in new year’s eve and what is the cost of the trip.

Tariff “New Year”

Taxi in Kiev is beginning to rise already in the new year week. Now Metropolitan taxi service raised prices by 5-10%, and in the new year night to base rate add to 100% (see infographic. — Ed.). As has told “news” the head of Ukrainian taxi Association (UTMA) Andrey Antonyuk, traditionally before the holidays, all the taxi services raise prices. “Normally, an increased rate is applied not only to new year’s eve, and another with lunch on December 31 and until the end of the day on 2 January. But do not forget, that this year appeared on the market Uber and Yandex with an automated calculation of cost factors that have a major impact on the market. So much to overestimate or underestimate the rates will not work,” says Antoniuk.

Meanwhile, in the Kiev taxi services for the week of New year still no agreed-upon tariffs on public holidays. For example, in the “Absolute” “news” reported that while no decision on how will raise the rates.

“Call the number on 28th may, there will be a certainty. The only thing I can say for sure: the New year twice will be more expensive”, – the operator of a taxi service

“With 31-go on 1-e will increase by half, and January 2, most likely, will operate a single rate. But with some time included increased tariff, we do not know”, — said the operator of the taxi service “Panda”.

In turn, Uber said that their service automatically raises the price to encourage more drivers to areas where the number of orders exceeds the number of available vehicles. “The main thing that affects the cost is the demand”, — summed up in the company.

$400 per night

As told “Vesti” Alexander Novikov, who has long worked in the official taxi companies, but then began to drive itself, in this new year’s eve he expects to earn at least $400. “The demand for taxi services in the night considerably exceeds the offer. You can earn well. Taxi drivers willing to work during the night, much less than in ordinary days, but the risk is greater. For example, the probability of running into a drunk aggressive passengers, or pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong place,” said Novikov.

В Новый год киевские таксисты будут возить по повышенному тарифу

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