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In the new version of Chrome more than 1,000 sites will be unavailable

В новой версии Chrome более 1000 сайтов станут недоступныFrom updates Chrome waiting for problems.

Google will strengthen the security of Chrome in the next update, but it can lead to unintended consequences for hundreds of sites.

The fact that the program will start to block sites that contain old certificates Symantec.

The security researcher Scott Helme, discovered that hundreds of million most popular websites use old certificates Symantec HTTPS, which the system will cease to trust when, on 16 October released Chrome 70. However, the Federal Bank of India, the website of the government of tel Aviv, Social Science Research Network and others.

Some of the sites such as Ferrari and Solidworks, was on the list, but recently switched to the new certificates and don’t have to deal with the problem. The update Chrome does not block sites. However, the browser will show warnings that are annoying and can interfere with work.

However, Google last year were warned that they would cease to trust some certificates from Symantec after the detection that the security firm was incorrectly issued credentials. If the company has no plans to move to a more reliable certificates, she probably either doesn’t know about security issues, or simply defers payment for a new certificate.

In addition, the Google Chrome browser will soon stop supporting the operating systems Android 4.1 – 4.3 Jelly Bean. The oldest version of the operating system that will support a browser, will be Android 4.4.

Outdated version of Android are now used by 3.2% of the total number of gadgets based on this OS. Since the total number of devices on this operating system more than a billion, the Chrome might stop working at 32 million devices.

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