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In the new update of DOOM lost Denuvo

В новом обновлении DOOM лишилась DenuvoIn the fifth update, the developers have added bots to multiplayer.

Bethesda Softworks and id Software continue to release DOOM for free updates with nice improvements. This time the computers took care of a little more than most of the other platforms.

In the fifth update, the developers have added bots for multiplayer — they can be sent to death match and team death match. In addition, in multiplayer mode, upgraded ceiling levels — now you can walk to the 11th tier. When you get to a new high, you open the armor of the hero DOOM.

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In addition, in multiplayer mode appeared “Devil’s race”. Teams are fighting for the creepy huge eyes that you want to throw into the ring of the enemy.

Finally, in the editor SnapMap also dokinuli the armor of the hero and other elements of the single-player campaign, including the laboratory modules, “Lazarus”, extra props and other features.

In honor of the fifth update to 12 Dec, id Software gives multiplayer matches in two times more experience. The authors also excited to announce that the final pay Supplement Bloodfall will start on 15 December. There you will be able to become invisible pinky and try three fresh multiplayer maps.

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Another feature of the update is not officially announced and privately. Apparently, the developers removed from the PC version of DOOM Denuvo protection that pirates walked around for quite some time.

One of the advantages in this for law-abiding gamers — the possibility of self-made mods has now expanded. System Denuvo does not delve into the Executive file of the game, and some mods require this.

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