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In the new season of “the Walking dead” will tell the story of Nigana

A charismatic villain, Negan very powerfully made his debut in the TV series “the Walking dead” (The Walking Dead), but since the audience it is little recognized. He is cruel, brutal, keeps his gang with an iron fist, and his favorite weapon is wrapped in barbed wire bat “Lucille”. But who was he before the zombie Apocalypse? As became the leader of the Saviors?

Of course, the fans who read the comics-the source, sign Nigan much better, however, because the series has their way, their history, their methods of disclosure of the characters. And the plot of the TV version of “Walking” does not always follows the original. So, Negan on the other side of the screen is still perceived as a man without a past. But it’s not for long.

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Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, playing the role of Nigana, in one of the interviews told that the eighth season his character will become a little more humane:

A lot of the background of Nigana. We haven’t filmed, but there are conversations with several characters, through which viewers will learn about Nigana more. This year we will have more moments of quiet, serious scene, one by one, and after them will become clear where it came from, Nigan. Even if you hate him, you will begin to understand how he became the man is and why he does what he does. I know about Nigana more every time you wear a leather jacket.

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Recall that the eighth season started a week ago, and not particularly successfully in terms of ratings. In addition to the background Nigana here worth the wait and the end of the war with the Saviors. In short, the creators have planned a lot left to see how they have implemented it.

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