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In the new “save the world” for Stan Lee cooked dark cameo

As you know, the Creator of the comic book save the world on the writer and artist Todd McFarlane are now hard at work developing a new incarnation of his character in the format of a feature film. We also heard that it is by no means a typical Kinomax, but rather, a mystical Thriller, a kind of “Jacob’s Ladder”. In addition, promises a bloody R rating that can not but rejoice, of course.

While in the next picture there is a place for old Stan Lee! The benefit of the former President of Marvel Comics loves to appear in a short cameo within the eponymous cinematic universe, and beyond. Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane appeared together at Emerald City Comic Con 2017, where he discussed the role in “save the world”.

Here is how it McFarlane:

Stan Lee is in the house, this abandoned building, and the door dramatically swings open, he was caught off guard. He is dressed in a wife-beater, not shaving for four days. In one hand he has a beer, another cigar.

Well, Mr. Lee is known for a good sense of humor and thirst for experimentation, so a new image came to him. Yes, and the project he approves, even more so, according to MacFarlane, Stan Lee in his time inspired him to restart the “Spawn” movie. I must say that these two are old friends. The first fame came to MacFarlane in Marvel, where he worked on stories about Spider-Man. Followed by care, base, along with several enthusiasts Image Comics, independent success. And in spite of that, the relationship with Stan Lee was friendly.

Well, returning to the role in “save the world”:

I explained that I wanted to do, and he said, “Oh, cool, so I’m not a careless man?”. And I said, “No, you’re ugly. You’ll be the grumpy dude in the t-shirt, drunk, with three-day beard, drinking beer”. And he’s like, “I like it!” So now let’s see if we can remove.

I think these guys all should get. Let at the time of filming King Cameo turns 95 years old, however he did not lose courage, leads an active social and production activities.

Recall the shooting of “Spawn” will start in February 2018.

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