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In the new film adaptation from Lionsgate Dorian gray becomes a woman

Literary classics is haunted by the guys from the movie. That’s straight at all. Even the one filmed repeatedly. Another Hollywood news is confirmed: Studio Lionsgate has begun work on a new adaptation of the classic novel “the picture of Dorian gray” (The Picture of Dorian Gray).

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The book was published in 1890 and since then have been filmed dozens of times, not to mention numerous theatrical productions. A feature of the new version will be in the fact that the titular hero will be a woman. Dorian Gray? Well, that “Ghostbusters” is already reformatted, on the approach of the “Eight friends of Oushena”, it is now time for our William Shakespeare Oscar Wilde.

Recall the annotation of the original novel, which caused an uproar and condemnation among his contemporaries and became famous for the controversial and incredibly popular because:

The main character, the handsome Dorian, a figure ambivalent, ambiguous. Thin aesthete and romantic becomes a ruthless criminal. The attempt to preserve its extraordinary beauty and youth turns into a nightmare. Instead of the hero of ages his portrait – but it can’t last forever.

The film to be a musical performer Annie Clark, known by her stage name St. Vincent. She has managed to prove himself to directing, making female horror anthology “XX”. “The picture of Dorian gray” will be her feature debut.

The script of the film will be written by David bierk, known in the horror community for work in such projects as “the Executioner Dahmer”, “the Gravedigger of Gasi”, “13 sins” and the recent Thriller Paul Verhoeven’s “She”.

By the way, if you dig in the previous film adaptations, you might find that Dorian gray had already changed gender. At least one time. It was in the horror film “the Sins of Dorian gray” 1983 edition, which took Tony Maylam Creator slasher “the Burning”. Are the pies. Nothing new under the sun.

Information about the start of filming and the caste of yet about the release date of the same silence. It will be interesting to see who is approved for the lead role. In these your Internets are already expected disputes: some are satisfied, the second offer to the heap to make him black lesbian. In General, as always. We will monitor developments.

St. Vincent

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