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In the new “Curse Annabel” embodied the dreams of the Director

The horror film “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of Evil” for a couple of days is in theaters, collecting surprisingly flattering the audience. I mean that the first “Annabelle” was quite good, but quite passable horror film. Well, the prequel, apparently, turned out to be steeper than the original, standing on a par with “Spells”from which the latter originated in his time as a spin-off. Here and colleague Felix Kriventsov praises the picture in my review of who is lurking in the dark.

The scenario of “the Birth of evil,” wrote Gary Doberman, however, as it turned out, there was a place and the ideas of the Director. And one of those ideas came to him in a dream.

Talking about the scene where the young heroine Lulu Wilson shoots into the darkness of the toy guns. From the barrel leaves the ball on the rope, the rope unwound, the ball returns to the place, and you can shoot again. Great toy, by the way. It is a pity that in my childhood was not like this. Maybe no one had, because the whole point is born in the subconscious of the filmmaker David F. Sandberg:

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Actually it came to me in a dream. When we were at the stage of preliminary proceedings, I often dreamed of this scene as if I watched the movie before we took it off and once I woke up and immediately wrote it down, and then turned to Gary Doberman, “We can put that in the movie?”. And he’s like “Why do I never have such dreams?”

You know, I love these things: the unconscious is included in the work, and the product immediately becomes deeper, more mysterious, even for the Creator. It is certainly not a surrealist Rubik’s cube by David Lynch, but still interesting.

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So, yeah, we found a place to stick it, and it turned out really great because guys, prop guys made this thing that appeared in my dream and I was able to give shape to it and play with it. It was weird. I don’t know where it came from in the dream, I’ve never seen this gun with a reel on it, but somehow my brain made it together.

Well, where you wouldn’t have had this idea in the film, it certainly came together. See for yourself, below we have attached the video with this scene.

Also, don’t miss an exclusive interview with Anthony Lapaglia from “the Curse of Annabelle: the Origin of evil.”

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