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In the new “Alien” will be even less of others?

If you don’t like “Alien: the Testament,” if you were disappointed with how small the role is now played by Xenomorf, we have some bad news for you. At best the situation appears not to change.

Prometheus, you remember, came to history from afar, finally showing us the mysterious Engineers, as well as presenting at the final of a certain creature, resembling the original creation of Hans Giger. For the peculiar form of the head monster quickly nicknamed the Deacon. It is not a direct ancestor of the Xenomorph, rather, it was accidental and dead-end offshoot in development, but nonetheless, we have made it clear: evolution has begun. Between the events of “Prometheus” and “Testament” Android David, played by Michael Fassbender, continuing his genetic experiments, resulting in sweet Neomorphic, and then the crown of creation with a phallic head and dribbling mouth.

What’s next?

That said Ridley Scott continues to develop new film series:

I think that the evolution of the Alien is almost complete. But what I’m trying to do has already outdone yourself and moved to another story, which revolves around Artificial Intelligence. It is a world in which AI could be the leader, if he were on a new planet. We are actually pretty big plans for the future.

I love the original 1979 film, which all comes down to the confrontation between Ripley and the unknown space creatures, but I understand that the Director has every right to develop its own universe as he pleases. He wants to study the subject of creation in a global sense? Okay, I need to see this.

Also, happy that the Engineers get back in the game, for them it is still a lot of unknown. Let’s hope David isn’t dead all before we will be able to find out something about them.

By the way, the Artificial Intelligence was talking about Scott, it’s David, right? Well, “the Covenant” proved that Fassbender is never too much!

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