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In the Network laugh at the tales the Kremlin media about hate Ukrainians

В Сети смеются над баснями кремлевских СМИ о ненависти украинцев On social networks ridiculed the new publication Russian propaganda media.

An article entitled “Ukrainians opened new horizons of hatred towards Russians” was published on the website of the Russian propaganda channel “Star”.

It a Lithuanian political scientist says that the term “Russophobia” is not suitable to represent the ratio of Ukrainians to Russians because of “Russophobia” is the fear and mistrust, and now in Ukraine there is a speech about hatred for the Russian. The analyst compares it to anti-Semitism.

“You flatter us,” — says the publication Ukrainian blogger Roman Pelekh on his page in Facebook.

“Then there’s the old horizons’t had time to olneyville”, “we Have at least horizons and their bottom punch”, “Us and the old horizons for several centuries enough”, “what they think is the horizon – for me only the first step of the escalator of the subway tunnel!”, “I’m one automatically Segou on such titles?”, “Well so zvizdy own parallel reality, where they get their stories all the more convinced of this” — comment on other users Facebook.

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