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In the Network appeared the “story” Half-Life 3

В Сети появился "сюжет" Half-Life 3Renowned writer shared exclusive information.

In the Internet “leaked” storyline continuing the famous gaming franchise Half-Life 3. Mark Laidlaw, former screenwriter of the developer company Valve, which owns the rights to the product, presented his own version of further developments in the framework of the development of events in the fictional Universe.

The plot is revealed is described in a non-existent email, a hyperlink on which the expert provided on the personal page in the microblog Twitter. In the letter the names and the names of the characters replaced in tune, so to understand whom exactly it is for fans of the series of games is quite simple. In particular, Gordon Freeman is described as Gertrude of Fremont, and Vance, Alex has retained its name but changed her last name to Vaunt. Representatives of an extraterrestrial race known as the Combine began to Disparate.

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Described by the writer of the story Gertrude and Alex started looking for the ship Hyperborea (original series contains an object called Borealis). It was captured by aliens. On the ship he meets Wanda bree (reference to the antagonist of the second part of the franchise Wallace Breen, who died in the final part of the game). The mind of the ex-enemy was saved and placed in the body of a huge kidneydamage beings.

Scenario 3-third part of Half-Life, in accordance with the version of Laidlaw, talks about the confrontation between the heroes and soldiers of the aliens, describes a journey through time with the use of a research vessel, and after the fight with a huge number of doubles of these characters. In the end the player will start on the ship self-destruction process. As a result, it sent the world of enemies-aliens. As a result of the explosion, the protagonist must die, but is rescued by extraterrestrial beings by the vortigaunt, Vance leaves the stage with “g-man”, and the fate of humanity full of suspense.

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In accordance with the words of the writer, he introduced an informal continuation of the plot for the game series, and the writing itself is a normal “fan fiction.” At the same time, he admits that Valve wants to develop expressed his ideas. Laidlaw left the company in January last year. He wrote scripts for the first two parts of Half-Life and individual episodes.

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