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In the network appeared the photo of the hands of a Ghost taken at the wedding

В Сети появилось фото руки призрака, сделанное на свадьбе No one still does not know who belongs to a mysterious hand.

User, who wished to remain anonymous, says that photographed in advance of your expected Ghost. More precisely, the man believes that in the lens of his camera accidentally got an eerie ghostly hand with six fingers, which can hardly belong to a living person, or at least, Earthling.

According to our hero, he recently visited a family wedding, which was invited to many other guests. At some point, the man sat down at the table, pulled out his smartphone and took a few pictures around him. Safely forget about it, he joined in the General merriment.

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However, after almost a week, our hero was looking at photos on the phone and suddenly noticed a strange frame received at the last ceremony. Unknown guest of the celebration was holding a glass of champagne in a very unnatural looking brush, similar to a paw of an animal, or even some monster from a horror movie. The author of the image was quite taken aback and to some extent frightened of his mysterious discovery.

Of course, in medicine it is known that the anatomical deviation, like polydactyly when a person is born with more fingers on one or the other limb, but the man swears that among those invited to the wedding guests of these individuals was not. Our hero personally figured it out, asked around the relatives of the marriage ceremony.

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Some of the frequenters of the Internet thought that the reason the sure word-wrapping in the matrix of the camera smartphone. Such effects are possible when the device captures an image not entirely, and in parts. Because of this in motion objects can be purchased in a very fancy frame.

However, it is possible and a miracle: smartphone “caught” in the lens something supernatural: come now check whether this is so or not…

В Сети появилось фото руки призрака, сделанное на свадьбе

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