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In the network appeared the exact date of the start of the summer sales on Steam

В Сети появилась точная дата начала летней распродажи в SteamSummer sale on Steam will begin on June 22.

The network leaked the exact date and time of the beginning of the summer Steam sale in 2017. For leaking the responsible employees of the payment service PayPal, which published the suitable information in your Twitter account.

At the upcoming summer sale will be absent daily, and offer instant discounts as the company Valve, which owns Steam, has abandoned the practice two years ago with the goal of optimizing sales and implementations of other methods product recommendations to customers.

Summer sale on Steam is one of the largest discount stock service. Every year it get thousands of different games and genres, including whole sets of series and sets of games from the publisher. Each year the list of games sold at a discount during this promotion, growing more than two times.

Discounts on games usually range from 10% for the new projects and up to 90% on recognized classics and projects from small indie studios. Valve never comment on the leak, and never published in advance even a small part of the list, which will be sold during the promotion discount. In other words, the exact data will be known only on the day of the start of the campaign.

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