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In the Network appeared the details of Far Cry 5

В Cети появились подробности Far Cry 5The action of the new game, according to the source, will be developed in Montana.

In the network appeared the mass of details Far Cry 5. An anonymous source from the focus group gathered for Ubisoft revealed details of the plot, the scene and details of gameplay.

The action of the new game, according to the source, will be developed in Montana in our days, not in the days of the Wild West, as previously thought. The main character will be in a small town, inhabited by minions of religious doomsday cult. The focus group showed one of the opening clips, where the guy is on a completely empty town, comes into a Church where the whole town gathered to hear the preacher. Waving an assault rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other, a bare-chested cult leader introduced the crowd into a state of fanatical worship. According to anonymous, the cult has similarities with Scientology, and the right hand of the leader of a cult — celebrity like Tom cruise (Tom Cruise).

Group members also revealed the profiles of multiple characters, including, unfortunately, was neither the main hero nor the main villain. But they showed the girl-mechanics, which will help the hero, an old hippie and several citizens of a small town. Considering that the action game will unfold in our time, the players will present Arsenal of modern weapons and vehicles. The game will return ATVs, jeeps and other vehicles.

According to the user FarCry5-throwaway, in the focus group they were asked to describe their impressions. The participants revealed only bits of information about the single-player campaign. The author of the leak also expressed doubts that the game decided to change radically, so a lot of his stories, apparently, gamers will see in the game.

It is worth noting that earlier in the network already appeared rumors that the action of Far Cry 5 will be developed in Montana. Earlier this month producer Jeff Gee (Jeff Guillot) noticed at work in the U.S. for “the sequel is known throughout the world series with a scene in the fictional location”. Anyway, representatives of Ubisoft officially not yet shared details about the new part of the series. Apparently, the publisher will bring the fifth part of the series at E3 2017, where the cutting of all information.

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