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In the network appeared information about the fate of the Hitman series

В сети появилась информация о судьбе серии HitmanThe company Square Enix has decided to break its relationship with the developers of the Hitman series.

The last HITMAN was what is called a “sleeper hit”: gamers really tasted only towards the end of the first season. Apparently, this is not the effect, which is expected publisher Square Enix, it has announced that it is selling the Studio Io-Interactive. But what will happen to HITMAN, remains an open question.

Even before the divorce from Square Enix, the developers said that starting production of the second season of the game. And since Io-Interactive in the best case will come under the wing of the other publishers (and in worst case will be closed), it is unknown how it will affect the next episodes of HITMAN.

However, large German site GameStar says the game is all right. The series remains in the hands Io-Interactive, so the Studio can work on it without the guardianship of Square Enix. In addition, the second season definitely will appear. He’s already half ready and is likely to start within 2018. Finally, Io-Interactive is also not sitting idle and alone looking for a investor who will help to painlessly break up with Square Enix.

The portal GameStar did not specify where it got the information, but claims that the source is extremely reliable and trustworthy. So there is hope that HITMAN successfully live without the supervision of Square Enix.

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