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In the Netherlands, a meteorite struck the roof of the shed

В Голландии метеорит пробил крышу сарая The Dutchman from a private home found an unusual stone, which previously struck the roof of his barn, and then decided to pass it on to scientists.

They found that it was a meteor of the same age as the Solar system.

The age of a celestial body is 4 billion years old, and he arrived on our planet from the space between the Jupiter and the red planet. It was there in addition to micro-objects is space debris.

Scientists have studied this polukilogrammovy rarity, being the property of the owner, and then want to buy it for the Museum.

As long as the price space the elder was 1000 euros, but he is already 6 object falling on the territory of the country. Before the meteors appeared here in three years, only to find they were difficult.

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