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In the mystical village of Ukraine recorded the appearance of a Ghost

В самом мистическом поселке Украины зафиксировали появление призрака A Ghost caught on video, filmed in Kharkiv region.

Residents of the Ukrainian town Babai in the Kharkiv region alarmed in advance of your expected Ghost faced recently by one of the locals.

The man calmly drove a night car, and once on the outskirts of the village, suddenly noticed a light ahead of a humanoid silhouette, as if hovering above the road. To the surprise of the beholder, well hell recorded his video recorder.

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Include the following report of the journalists, you will be able to see with his own eyes captured by the camera of the DVR mysterious phantom, moving in the dark. At first, he quickly glides over the road, then disappears from the field of view of the camera lens.

It is noteworthy that in recent years, the Bogeyman is something sinister and frightening. Villagers say that local men often commit suicide, visas in the forest and abandoned homes. And in the woods nearby and then disappear women. For example, one of them, before disappearing, complained to relatives for the voices in my head, calling her on nature.

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All this is like pictures from horror movies, isn’t it? Maybe trapped in the lens of the camera the Ghost is also one of the fragments of this creepy supernatural puzzle?

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