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In the Ministry of education announced a radical change in the school curriculum

В Минобразования анонсировали кардинальные перемены в школьной программеThe Ministry of education will introduce UPE in the Junior high school.

The Ministry of education and science plans to introduce external independent testing in primary and secondary schools, go to 12-year-old school and make the last three years of study in high school profile.

This was stated by the former Deputy Minister of education, Vice-President of the Kyiv school of Economics Inna sovsun.

It is noted that access to high school will be on the basis of the results of the independent examination, and for admission to prestigious schools will be a competition. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Thus, the examination after the 9th grade will have the nature of the exam is high stakes (high-stakes exam). In this case, the examination shall be conducted on the basis of the same procedures as testing for admission to the UNIVERSITY for ensuring the independence and objectivity of conducting and determining the results,” the article says.

At the same time in elementary school using the procedure of testing is planned to monitor the quality of education.

As noted by the Director of the uceqa Vadim Karangi to monitoring was the most effective, the study will be conducted not on the entire set of students, but only on a sample.

“We felt that to monitoring should involve 6 thousand fourth graders (in Ukraine there are about 400 thousand). This is enough to establish what trends exist in primary school from the point of view of forming reading and mathematical competencies of graduates. And it would be very good data for analysis to the Ministry of education, NAPO and others,” he said.

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