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In the milky Way found a possible planet-“orphans”

В Млечном Пути найдены возможные планеты-«сироты»Planets exist without a parent star.

Astronomers have discovered in the milky Way planet that may be “orphaned”, that is, to exist without a parent star. It is worth noting that at the moment it is impossible to say whether these planets are “Wanderers”. About his discovery, the researchers reported on the website arXiv.

As the scientists, planets that are traveling apart from the stars, not actually emit light. However, they can be detected using the method of gravitational microlensing. With it, researchers are trying to see the planets that freely fly to the background stars. In this case, the planet plays the role of the lens, and the star for some time increases its brightness.

Scientists were able to detect two events that are called OGLE-2012-BLG-1323 and OGLE-2017-BLG-0560. The first of them could be caused by the passage of a planet the size of Earth or Neptune, and the second is the size of Jupiter or a brown dwarf. However, the researchers do not reject the possibility that the two planets are connected with the parent body, but have a very wide orbits.

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