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In the Middle ages punished “witches”. Photo

Как в Средние века наказывали «ведьм». ФотоPeople have come up with a lot of sophisticated torture.

The modern woman is free of the right choice of clothing, work, social status. But it was not always so. A few hundred years ago, a woman, something different from the others, could be considered a witch and tortured, beating a “confession” of complicity with the devil. In what ways they are tortured – in the following review.

“The Inquisition chair”

Как в Средние века наказывали «ведьм». Фото

Many accused of witchcraft were put on the interrogation chair. It is still called the “witches chair” or “chair Inquisition”. It was of iron construction with studs and handcuffs. The victim was planted directly into sharp spikes that easily pierced the flesh.

Survived even the written evidence of the use of this chair. In 1693, in Austria a woman named Mary Vucinic was accused of witchcraft. Introduced the Holy Inquisition ordered her to sit on a chair with spikes. The victim stayed on it 11 days. Parallel to this, she was tortured with a hot iron. The unhappy woman died from the pain, but never confessed to the accusation.


Как в Средние века наказывали «ведьм». Фото

“Stork” was the name of an instrument of torture, which completely immobilizes the victim. She was shackled in a position where his knees touched his chest. The accused could not move neither head, nor hands, nor straighten the legs. In a few moments her limbs began to go numb, and in the pelvis there is pain, then distributed throughout the body. This pain women often went crazy.

Water torture

Как в Средние века наказывали «ведьм». Фото

One common abuse of the accused was water torture. The woman laid back on a flat or curved surface. Stuffed in his mouth the straw or sawdust and inserted the funnel. Then after it filled with water. The victim could not close his mouth and was forced, choking, to swallow the liquid. Prolonged torture leads to a strong swelling of the accused. But if you had to quickly knock “recognition”, the torturer jumped on the abdomen of the victim, causing severe pain.

Even worse had those “witches” who were put in a funnel in her mouth and crotch. And there flooded with water, and launched insects and other parasites. The victim had confessed to anything, but facilitate her already could not be.


Как в Средние века наказывали «ведьм». Фото

For especially dangerous criminals used “pears”. This weapon resembled the shape of the fruit, but had four petals. When the torturer put this thing in the most intimate places and started the screw, the petals of the pears were moved apart in different directions, tearing the hole.

“The witch’s chair for bathing”

Как в Средние века наказывали «ведьм». Фото

A woman accused of witchcraft, tied to a chair and lowered into a river or lake. Usually there was a crowd of onlookers who wanted to mock a “witch”. Most of all, this spectacle aroused the interest of a deep autumn or winter. The defendant not only choked with water and covered with a crust of ice. Torture could last a few days.

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