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In the Mediterranean discovered an ancient ship

В Средиземном море обнаружили уникальный древний корабльThe ship was discovered by Spanish archaeologists

Off the coast of the Mediterranean island of Cabrera (Balearic Islands) was discovered a Roman ship with a cargo of spices, which sank about 200 years after Christ.

“The ship, with hundreds of amphorae on Board sank near the island of Cabrera for unknown reasons”, – stated in the message.

The Roman ship was found at a depth of 70 meters. In the holds of the ship were a large number of amphorae, which are very well preserved, despite the fact that would have taken 18 centuries ago.

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First that on the bottom can be an old ship, according to local fishermen, in the network which were fragments of amphorae from the ship.

It is assumed that the ship is about 20 meters in length. The ship was a trading and shuttled between North Africa, Spain, southern France and Rome. It probably was transported by garum fish sauce ancient Roman cuisine.

As reported by “Country,” the Navy of Ukraine in Odessa, was attacked by General frost. The flagship of the Navy “Hetman Sahaidachny” was frozen into the ice near the sailing ship “Druzhba”.

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And in Britain launched a new version of the sinking of the Titanic. The experts confirmed that the fire originated in one of the boilers of the ship. Because it was a big fire before it was extinguished, he was able to reach temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius. In turn, this has made housing in this place is very vulnerable and it broke when faced with ice.

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