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In the Lviv region opened a unique exhibition of Ukrainian weapons. Video

На Львовщине открылась уникальная выставка украинского оружия. ВидеоCastle in Zolochiv in the Lviv region was opened the exhibition of Ukrainian weapons Ukrania Militariсa.

The exhibition demonstrates the continuity of the Ukrainian military tradition for millennia. There are more than 300 pieces of weapons from the times of the Scythians to the present day.

“The most ancient weapons which are in the exhibition are copper axes Trypillians made in the bronze age. You can also see samples of stone and flint. According to tradition, each warrior had to make their weapons,” – said the archaeologist, doctor of historical Sciences Mikhail Videiko.

Bronze spearheads, daggers and swords were cast in the era of the Trojan war. They captured the tribes of the Ukraine, who took part in this war.

“The Cimmerian and Scythian period is represented already an iron weapon which was used by the formidable horsemen, the road trips which go beyond Granny of modern Ukraine. So, two Chinese swords 5-2 century BC found on the territory of Crimea fell to the Scythians as a trophy. These swords can be seen in the movie “Battle of red cliff”. Trophy odnorazovye gemskie swords loved Scythian women warriors. 20% of Scythian female burials can be found arrowheads, sword or spear,” says Michael Videyko.

Knight’s armor, two-handed swords and stilettos represent the middle ages. You can also see the weapons of the XIX – XX century pistols Carpathian opryshky, Turkish powder flasks, carbines and scimitars, which were the weapons of the Kuban Cossacks and Transdanubia. There are modern anti-tank grenade launchers, which use fighters ATO in the East of Ukraine and flags of Pro-Russian armed groups captured in combat. In addition, military exhibits ancient maps, documents of the UPR, Scythian gold jewelry.

In Western Ukraine the exhibition of such scale is happening for the first time and will last for a year until December 22, 2018.

“It conveys as a visual and spiritual image of Ukrainian chivalry. Today our citizens is important to understand that we are not just a nation of farmers, but also soldiers, who fought throughout its existence and was the shield of Europe, ” said co-organizer of the exhibition, the chief of staff of the National corpus of Lviv, Svyatoslav Gray.

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