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In the Luxembourg foreign Minister has threatened Hungary with the exception of the EU

В МИД Люксембурга пригрозили Венгрии исключением из ЕСThe Minister of foreign Affairs, which his Hungarian colleague called “an idiot”, said that the policy of Hungary can cost Budapest membership in the EU.

The policy of the Hungarian government can cost Budapest membership in the EU. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn in a telephone interview to the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet. The journalists talked with the Luxembourg diplomat after the foreign Minister of Hungary Peter Siyyarto called him “idiot”.

According to Asselborn, Hungarian policy is an affront to the principles of the European Union.

The scandal began after an interview with the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel Asselborn has criticized the Hungarian legislative initiative Stop Soros, which implies prohibition of non-governmental organizations that support the migration.

Also Asselborn said that the EU should penalize Hungary, activating article 7 of the Union Treaty, which would deprive Budapest’s voting rights in the Council of Europe.

In response, Szijjártó said that “extremist liberals” want to flood Europe with migrants. And most of the foreign Szijjártó has called “an idiot” who hates Hungary.

In response, the foreign Minister of Luxembourg said that it is about values, not about personalities.

“I don’t hate Hungary, péter Szijjártó or Viktor Orban. It is not about personalities, but about the basic principles, values, laws and respect for human dignity in each member country of the EU.

We can’t take the punishment for non-governmental organizations that help asylum seekers. Such methods are used only by authoritarian regimes, unworthy of a democratic European Union”, – explained his position the Luxembourg Minister.

Asselborn noted that he had a perfectly normal relationship with a Hungarian colleague Siarto. “I have no anger, which could affect our relationship. As I said, we are talking about principles and values. Hungarian policy challenges the principles of the European Union”, – he added.

The Luxembourg Minister said that can not understand the thinking of the Hungarian government and warned that his policies can be costly to the Budapest.

“The Hungarian people must understand that if they have a government that does this, this may be membership in the EU. I would be very sad if it happened,” said Asselborn.

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