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In the Kyiv region intensified snakes

На Киевщине активизировались змеиYou should take precautions.

In the forests of the Kiev region due to the heat and dry weather intensified the snake.

According to the State forest enterprise “Kyivoblgas”.

With reptiles there is a risk to meet resting in the woods or on the river, snakes can also is tall grass in the pasture.

“Unfortunately, few people, especially in rural areas, interested in the local fauna, who read the professional literature, seeking information on the Internet. Consequences caused by bites of poisonous snakes, sometimes justify the hostile attitude, which is usually shown to them by the people,” – noted in forestry.

So, if you are going into the woods should follow basic precaution, namely, to be vigilant, wear closed-toe shoes, collecting mushrooms or berries, remove high grass or bushes with a stick.

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