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In the Kuzbass, about 200 miners went on strike because of wage arrears

В Кузбассе около 200 шахтеров объявили забастовку из-за долгов по зарплате

In the Kuzbass, about 200 miners in the mines of “Alexis” and “Zarechnaya” refused to go to work because of wage arrears. The total owed to them exceeded 100 million rubles, reports “Interfax”.

Earlier, Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo region Andrey Panov explained the arrears falling coal prices. However, he promised that the money the miners will be issued by 13 December. But the mine workers are now paid only from 8 to 15% of the debt in October, writes “Taiga.Info”.

In this situation, the authorities began to issue miners grocery cards in denominations of 1 thousand rubles. However, as explained on his page in Instagram Andrey Panov, in spite of the widespread media certificates for the purchase of food are given to miners not in lieu of wages, and as Christmas gifts.


The official was forced to confirm that debts to miners are not repaid, the repayment period extended to 25 December. In total, the trade Union in these enterprises, where the striking miners are about 2 thousand people.

Mine “Alexis” and “Nina” in Kuzbass previously was part of the coal company “Zarechnaya”, which is currently in bankruptcy proceedings. In November from-for debts under the salary, the work was suspended for more than 50 miners of the Kuzbass mine “October”. After the payment of the arrears they returned to work.

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