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In the Kuban, the judge struck the girl in the face. Security forces started investigation

На Кубани судья ударила девушку в лицо. Силовики начали проверку

“The judge also called my father and threatened him with trouble”

Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory spends checks on the conflict in the capital of the don, in which, presumably, involved a judge of the don regional court Svetlana Dubovik, RIA “Novosti”.

Prior to that, the Krasnodar public Typodar in Instagram posted a video of their subscribers will, which reported that the judge insulted her, and then hit him in the face. In the comments to the video, the girl left a detailed description of what happened. “I Lyudmila Ponomarenko (Gordey), I was insulted, then struck in the face of Dean district court judge Svetlana Dubovik”, — said in a statement.

Ponomarenko said that he lives on Quay street. “We have a dead end, a small passage rests in the river. […] About 18 hours on may 11 the white “Kia Cerate” to our yard together with his companion pulled up the neighbor Asks David and began to frantically beep. When I came out, he said he wanted to go to the river and demanded that we removed standing in the stalled car. I tried to explain that we have no keys, but I didn’t want to hear. Along with David came his companion — a blonde in her fifties. She started to shout and demand the fare. It was obvious that they both are in a state similar to alcohol intoxication. In response to repeated insults, being already on edge, I began to take pictures of the event. The woman first tried to leave, and then attacked and punched me in the face and hand, turning the conflict into a fight,” says Ponomarenko.

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The victim was bleeding and her husband called the police. Arrived on the scene the police detained the driver (David Prosia), and “the lady from the car was trying to establish the identity and to give explanation on the fact of beatings.” “It turned out that the woman in the car — a Federal judge Dubovik Svetlana and her companion David Asks Dean works in the court of the guard. Because of the status of the judge the police were unable to forcibly remove her from the car, and the judge closed and began to call from two phones. I could hear she asked someone to help her and release Prose from liability. The judge also called my father and threatened him with trouble (he reported this to the police),” — says Ponomarenko.

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This is not the first scandalous incident that happens with Kuban judges. So, in December of last year the judge of the Krasnodar garrison military court Arsen Krikorov hit by car in 18-year-old athlete crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. Further, according to the witnesses, the judge tried to escape from the accident scene, but was stopped by other motorists. Then Krikorov “got out of the car and began to poke in the face to the citizens of his certificate of a judge, promising to imprison all”. Later Krikorov was stripped of the title and the judges brought to administrative responsibility.

Also in the winter of 2018, the judge of the Arbitration court of Krasnodar territory Alexey Shevchenko lost his status because I swore at the participants in the process.

And in the spring of 2018, one of the Kuban judges recommended to sterilize a mother because she already has eight children. As a result, the judge issued a warning.

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