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In the Krasnodar region on carnival ate the Victory Banner of red caviar

В Краснодарском крае на Масленицу съели Знамя Победы из красной икры

In the Kuban city of Kropotkin on the competition pancakes during Shrovetide festivities desecrated the Flag of Victory. Pictures of symbol made of red caviar and pancakes, posted on the town’s website on March 2.

The contest, which has been an insult to the symbol, was organized by the division for social policy of the city administration. Which team was the author of the blasphemous articles, it is not known.

The Victory banner was not the only sacred symbol, who was abused by the organizers and participants of the contest. So, in nomination with a mocking title “Man of Victory” was won by a team from the Caucasus Central hospital, Ministry of health of Krasnodar region, headed by the member of the faction “United Russia” in the Council Kropotkinsky district Albinoi Larionovoj.

Photos from “Patriotic” exposition of hospitals has published Telegram-channel “Tupada”. They depict made of cakes and caviar red star, as well as cakes with the eternal flame, guards band, hammer and sickle and the Order of the Patriotic war. Characters made from cream. Photos with questionable products posing women in uniform of the red army.

The Victory banner at the exposition hospital was missing. This means that in addition to hospital staff on the holiday were a team. Competed in contest of the school, social institutions, and social organizations. The winners were selected in twenty categories.

Editorial comment
It is unlikely that this case is associated with someone’s evil intent. Most likely cause is the intense brutality and incivility of the authors of “installation” and local officials who have seen the insult of the symbols of Victory and awarded him his own “Patriotic” contest in the nomination.

All the post-Soviet years, Russian society was moving in the Wake of a model consumer society. Forces the state machine of the ruling class made a monstrous inversion of values and moral norms. Of the children began to make “qualified consumers,” withdrew the function of education from schools, in the sphere of culture and education down to the service. The result is a new generation of Russian citizens and officials are ready to turn into an Orgy of consumption of everything, including the most sacred.

Across the country from the beginning of 2020, there are actions in preparation for the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Sadly, such incidents we, apparently, have to face more and more. Because their occurrence programmed the entire post-Soviet politics of the Russian authorities, and the obsessive exploitation of the officials of the theme of Victory that only helps.



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