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In the Kiev region completely destroyed the house

На Киевщине полностью сгорел домIn liquidation of fire was attended by 8 people.

This weekend on Belotserkovshina burned house, information about the victims of the fire were reported.

According to official information GTOS of the Kiev region, the message about the fire at the control room of the rescue service received approximately 15.48. In the message it was said that the fire originated in the village of Chepelivka on Belotserkovshina on the street Country.

Upon arrival of fire 2-ve brigade of the 5th PRNG city Uzyn and 1-1 PRNG city White Church established that on the specified address lit 2-storey residential house. Just the elimination of fire involved 8 personnel and 2 units of fire equipment.

Unfortunately, the house could not be saved, its wooden roof slab of wood was completely burnt and the whole potranca at home with Windows. Information on victims at a fire in the fire were reported.

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