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In the Kiev airport “Ivanushki International” learned about the ban on entry to Ukraine

Group “Ivanushki International” denied entry to Ukraine: musicians reported only in the Kiev airport. The group went to a private concert, but the guards would not let them into the country.

In an interview with “KP” Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov shared his emotions from the incident: “I very upset! Because the group “Ivanushki International” since the annexation of Crimea to Russia did not give concerts in the Crimea and in Ukraine.”

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Publication of Grigoriev-Apollo Andrey (@ryrik) May 5 2017 10:13 PDT

But the guards were sure that the musicians visited the Peninsula. “I too hope that they will provide this data because we could get the same brush because of Kirill Andreev, who went to Yalta on the sport ice hockey tournament. This is completely confidential information, which by the way, I learned yesterday, when I was given this information. We just identificeret as a whole. But we’re not Siamese twins. Cyril went on his solo personal program. That he’s going to play in Yalta, we were not warned,” — said the soloist.

Andrew still can’t get over it: “I don’t understand how it was possible to take a group that sings romantic songs, which politics do not care? We are out of politics! The guys who voiced me the decision, saying: “We have grown on your songs, but the law is the law. So I want to give information about our concert in the Crimea, who were allegedly”.

Publication of Grigoriev-Apollo Andrey (@ryrik) APR 4 2017 8:26 PDT

The group had to endure a 20-hour journey to return home: “we flew from Astana, where 6 hours flying to Kiev. There’s 6-8 hours of sitting at the airport Borispol, then we are already half-dead, tired, not sleeping, put him on a flight to Minsk, from Minsk with a stopover we flew to Moscow. I figured from Astana to Moscow we flew 20 hours! But all have their advantages — for 12 hours yesterday I visited 4 of the capital: Astana, Kyiv, Minsk and Moscow! The first time we broke the concert, but not our fault”.

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