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In the Kherson region BMW at full speed and crashed into the paver

На Херсонщине BMW на полном ходу врезался в асфальтоукладчик The driver was killed.

In Kherson the driver of expensive foreign car rammed the paver. On the highway Т0403 Maryinsky-Beryslav district of Novovorontsovka “BMW” drove on the repaired section of the road. Not slowed down speed, the driver of the car drove straight to the asphalt of the Odessa company “Dorlider”.

Massive ice rink, of course, was not injured, but the owner of the BMW died at the scene of the accident. A couple of injuries and got two road which hospitalization is not required.

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The chief of Service of highways of Kherson region Nikolay Savchenko emphasizes that it already the second road accident with a fatal outcome in the area of road works. Last year the driver of “Zhiguli” crashed into a truck, driving up water working on repairing part of the highway M14 Odesa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk Oleshkovskaya area. Then the motorist survived, but killed his sister who was in the car as a passenger.

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In all cases, the fault lies with the drivers who ignore the warning signs of repair work, and requiring to reduce the speed. For that the reckless and paying the price.

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