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In the Indian ocean has discovered a “dead zone”

В Индийском океане обнаружили "мертвую зону"The area of the dead zone is 60 thousand square kilometers.

Scientists discovered in the Bay of Bengal in the North-Western part of the Indian ocean, the so-called “dead zone” – the region of oxygen-poor water.

Area discovered the dead zone is 60 thousand square kilometers, and the depth at 100-400 meters.

Oxygen in it 10 thousand times smaller than in the surface layers of the ocean. Oceanic dead zones are large areas of the waters where the water is nearly absent, oxygen, and microbiological processes in them are removed from the oceans a significant part of dissolved nitrogen.

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The dead zone in the Bay of Bengal is interesting because it is not observed in such active nitrogen uptake, as in other similar areas. Earlier, the international group of geologists have found that solid metal core inside the Earth was formed 1-1. 5 billion years ago. Also, scientists were able to determine the growth rate of the earth’s core: the year the radius increases by approximately 1 mm.

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