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In the human body found a “second brain”

В человеческом организме обнаружили «второй мозг»The body can adapt to stimuli.

A new study by scientists from Australia has prompted experts to make the statement that in the intestine may be a neural pattern is evidence that the intestinal system of living beings formed before the brain. Due to the presence of “intestinal nervous system” mammals and were able to win the struggle for survival, it is the opinion of scientists on the portal Live Science.

The researchers stated that the enteric nervous system may contain millions of neurons, which are responsible for the behavior of the intestine. This “brain” of the intestine processes of the other organs of information and change the behavior of the intestinal system, depending on external factors. The intestine can “think”, and thus adapts to the situation.

The authors of the study made this conclusion after experiments with mice. Rodents with the help of electrical impulses stimulate the bowel. After a while it became clear that the body can adapt to stimuli.

Subsequent earlier scientific hypothesis already proposed to consider the enteric nervous system itself first development in mammals, formed before the brain. The fact that animals initially formed a mechanism of receiving and processing food that ensured their survival as a species, the authors of this theory. These new works clearly agree with it.

But can the results obtained by scientists to be applicable to humans? While the answer to this question science can not further study is required, the portal writes.

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