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In the house of veterans of Novosibirsk were tied to their beds

В доме ветеранов Новосибирска привязывали к кроватям

Veterans in the Russian house were tied to their beds and robbed.

The Ministry of labour and social development of the Novosibirsk region, as well as Rospotrebnadzor and Roszdravnadzor check the information about the abuse of guests of the House of veterans in Novosibirsk, which were tied to their beds and robbed. This “the” have informed in the regional Ministry of social development. The Ministry said that now the Agency conducted discussions with pensioners, increased control over the quality of services, a further hygienic treatment.

On the eve of 19 February, the newspaper published the text of the local veterans Home where the residents were poorly fed, abused, tied by pantyhose to the bed and took away disability benefits and documents. Worked in the institution the volunteer Irina Shulgina told “the”, which is frequently seen in the elderly selected items or food to bedridden patients, cockroaches crawling on. Veterans wrote the woman a letter about how unbearable they live there, after which the leadership of the House veterans gave them a questioning and intimidated.

“Older people are constantly asking us for pills, food, clean water, cream, hearing AIDS, glasses. But everything we brought, immediately pulled staff”, — the volunteer told.

According to her, on the election day, the patient fell from the window after the transfer to the Department with a bad reputation. In 2019 one of the pensioners forcibly sent to a mental boarding school because she had a fight with the headmistress because of the fridge in the room.

Recently, the Director of the institution Larisa Pugachev was dismissed, after which activists and guests dare to tell about what was happening.

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