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In the hospital of Blagoveshchensk children with cancer years infected With hepatitis C

В больнице Благовещенска онкобольные дети годами заражались гепатитом С

Additional diagnosis

In the hospital of Blagoveshchensk children with cancer years infected with hepatitis C.

As it became known””, the number of children infected with hepatitis C in the Oncology Department of the Amur regional children’s clinical hospital (Blagoveshchensk), is at the moment more than 100, not 26, as local authorities said at the end of 2018. Children with oncidiinae are infected with hepatitis b in this facility for about ten years — at least since 2009. The new Governor of the Amur region and other representatives of the local government is the comments of “b” is not provided.

At the end of December 2018, the media reported that in the Amur regional children’s hospital contracted hepatitis C more than ten children who were in the Onco-Hematology Department. Then the local authorities and law enforcement agencies the number of infected has increased to 26. However, as it became known””, the number of child victims who contracted hepatitis C at the oncohematological Department of the children’s hospital of Blagoveshchensk, may be more than 100 people, they were infected for several years.

In the summer of 2018 parents of the affected children came together and appealed to Rospotrebnadzor a request to check the hospital began to make lists of infected children.

Note that the situation with the “outbreak” of hepatitis C was noted only when the territorial authority of Rospotrebnadzor conducted an inspection at the hospital on this appeal of the parents. After that, the management SKR across the Amur region opened a criminal case on the fact of violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules (part 1 of article 236 of the criminal code). “When the case received publicity in the media, began to appear more and more parents of children with hepatitis C that was in this Department, — said “Kommersant” the mother of one of the children (for fear of pressure, she asked not to be named).— We finished make a list of about 100 cases, the diagnosis he was given from 2013 to December 2018. If you take the last three years, about 60 people.”

She noted that communications was more than was included in the list, but “in earlier years, about a decade ago”. In local media you can find information for 2009. Then Olga Pokachalov said in an interview that her child is in hospital “brought hepatitis C and B”: “we had six mothers whose children are brought hepatitis”. According to her, she “called in the Department of health, but the Prosecutor did not — did not have the strength”.

Representatives of initiative group of parents was told “Kommersant” that is currently waiting for the results of genotypic analysis, which conducts the CPS: “I Think that the investigator we will introduce. We are waiting for the results from day to day.” According to the Kommersant’s source close to the investigation, as long as the victims are considered about 70 people.

According to another source, by results of examination “have the same related type of virus was detected in all children”: “This means that all children were infected in a single institution.” The reason for contamination of the source “b” calls “non-sterile medical instruments.”

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The source notes that, “apparently, the problem with the infection With hepatitis C in this Department there over the years, but children’s hospital and local authorities for some reason did not report it to the relevant authorities”.

In the CPS on request “b” to provide the results of genotypic studies have not yet answered.

“The diagnosis “leukemia” my child was diagnosed in the fall of 2017, says one mom. We went in Oncohematology, four months later our doctor came in and said, “sorry, you have hepatitis C”. He was discharged in the summer of 2018, by the time we realized that the whole thread, who is lying parallel with us, all hepatitis C”. On the question of parents, where the child has hepatitis, the doctors, according to the parents, always said that “a blood transfusion was”: “was self-evident.” “We started to write complaints and appeals in the summer of 2018, and that autumn went to the hospital, saw that the situation began to change: the nurses began in us to treat hands, put on new gloves every time. Before either already came in the gloves, or did everything without gloves,” — say the parents.

Appeared truck, with which nurses come into the room when you put on gloves, took the vial, opened disposable syringes. Before coming to the chamber already generated with the syringe.

Also, say the parents, were a problem with the sterility of parts of the Central venous catheter, but in the autumn used “new one”. In the hospital on request “b” did not answer.

At the end of December the Governor of the Amur region, Vasily Orlov in social networks said that “the discovery of the hepatitis C virus from patients were fixed for two years On the Protocol the hospital has reported them to CPS, who had taken their steps, conducted inspections. Reports of “simultaneous” outbreak of infection, besides allegedly hushed up by the authorities, unreliable”. Then press clubprivate Amur region said that “the interdepartmental Commission on 12 received from parents of appeals conducted a thorough investigation”: “a survey of hospital staff, donors whose blood was used for transfusion preparations and blood components. Source of hepatitis C is not revealed”. As the head physician of the Amur regional children’s clinical hospital Ruslan Belous on the same site said that the test of the CPS was based “on personal and biased” data from the parents: “Other data that indicate a causal relationship between the virus detected in patients and those moments that occur in the Department in the process of treatment and transfusion of blood products was not provided”. He also said that the hospital uses a “one-time tools”. In management SKR across the Amur region and the Prosecutor’s office from commenting, “b” refused, saying that “the criminal case investigating their Moscow colleagues”.

The Governor through a spokesperson refused new reviews as “already mentioned several times on this subject, and there is nothing new”.

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In conversation with “Kommersant” the parents complained of the difficulty of communication with the authorities. In September of 2018, they received a reply to the appeal addressed to the Chairman of the government of the Amur region Olga Lysenko, stating that “to identify the source of infection is not possible.” According to parents, the first time the regional administration gathered the parents of the infected children in November 2018. “Were the doctor from the infectious diseases hospital, said that “all cured interferon,” says one parent.— Next we went to the Federal centers in St. Petersburg and Moscow, where we were informed that the treatment interferonami drugs children with ecodiagnostic prohibited, and given the appropriate statement”. At the request of the “Kommersant” doctor-hepatologist, European medical center Anna Kiseleva confirmed that the treatment interferonami drugs such children is not recommended. In subsequent meetings with representatives of the regional Ministry of health and the government to the parents, they said, promised “that every child will be a package of documents aimed at the national center of Hematology-Oncology named after Rogachev (Moscow), and his assistants will make up the treatment Protocol for each child”: “In mass media there was information that the documents sent at the end of December 2018, but only needs to send a full set, and in January some of us called and asked to bring additional documents.”

Parents noted that when negotiations with the administration, they refused to provide warranty certificates to the treatment of children. The cost of treatment in each case is from 1 mln.:

“On the question of how the region will take the money, 100 million rubles, we did not answer. None of the regional administration never said the word “compensation””.

In March, several families filed a pre-trial claim to the children’s hospital, demanding compensation for moral damages in the amount of 10-15 million RUB in each case. They also asked the local CPS with the statement in which asked to address in court with the claim about compensation of moral harm.

Recall, one of the most famous cases of mass infection in hospitals occurred in 1988: this is the first case of mass HIV infection in the USSR in Elista, as a result of the use of non-sterile syringes during blood transfusion had infected about 100 people. Kommersant contacted the lawyer by Zernovym Bair, who represented the interests of victims in Kalmykia. Mr. Tserenov, recalled that in 2011 the criminal case was once again closed for lapse of time, the responsibility of one was not involved. According to the lawyer, the local authorities created a system of social benefits for victims, including a monthly allowance (currently about 27 thousand rubles) and subsidies for improving housing conditions. In 2011 the TFR was canceled resolution on closing the criminal case after the appeals of the injured to Alexander Bastrykin.


Valeria Mishina, correspondent network “b”.

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