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In the future there can be fundamental changes in the DNA

В будущем могут появиться люди с кардинальным изменением ДНК Unusual forecast was made in Israel.

Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari notes that very soon there will be a new useless class of people. Human labor replaced by the machine, the upper strata of society will become smarter and more talented due to the drastic changes of DNA. As a result, the poor people that can’t “update” and merge with computers, nothing to do, they have to survive.

Now in biological science are incredible things. Scientists invest huge money in development designed to improve the human body and mind. Bioengineers have learned to grow from scratch organs and to restore damaged, change the genetic code. More radical plans experts mean the merger of humans with computers.

At the moment scientists Refine nanorobots, which can prevent blood clots, etc. the New development will have the skills to remove tumors and viruses.

To use the achievements of science, of course, can only rich people. But where to get the poor class? Harari predicts something good. Some humanistic country will pay a useless class some benefits to help make ends meet.

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