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In the future people will abandon private cars, experts

В будущем люди откажутся от личных автомобилей, - экспертыAutonomous taxis and car sharing will reduce the demand for cars in the United States.

By 2030 humanity will start to abandon private cars.

Such forecast was made by research organization RethinkX. According to its experts, the number of private cars in the US will decrease from 80%. According to estimates representatives RethinkX, in 2020 the US will be the 247 million cars, and in 10 years – a total of 47 million Such a radical forecast RethinkX representatives explain the new trends. In the United States are gaining popularity taxi services like Uber and car-sharing (sharing cars). In addition, in 2030 will be distributed and unmanned taxi. In such a situation, many Americans simply no longer need a personal car, because if necessary you can always call a car. Moreover, the cost of travel to the Autonomous car will be much smaller, which will save up to $ 5600 per year.

Such changes (as well as the increasing number of electromobiles) will drastically reduce global demand for oil from 100 to 70 million barrels a day. In addition, reducing the number of cars and a constant load of drones will lead to the fact that the problem of Parking in big cities will take care of itself.

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