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In the footsteps of pedophile Svetova: “anime” radicalization

По стопам педофила Светова: “анимешная” радикализация

Youth hangouts and “stay” can become not only a hotbed of debauchery and drunkenness. Some people, for example, a known pedophile Michael Lights, organize “anime”-gatherings to broadcast the youth radicalization.

Lights – the blogger with questionable beliefs. He opposed the age of consent in Russia and “pedestria”. Cohabited with 15-year-old schoolgirl kept a website about the jailbait, posting pictures of naked little girls. But it wasn’t enough. The lights went on. In search of supporters, he began to conduct party in the style of anime, which encouraged the youth to attack the rallies on the rule of law. Plus, he fought for the free carrying of weapons. Lights convinced that power can only be countered with arms, by mass shootings.

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It would seem that supporters of such events still need to look for. Today, however, at once organized a Light party arrested his colleague and member of the libertarian party of Russia Vladimir Osenina. Friend has not gone far from light: called for the free carrying of weapons. The attending was waving a pistol and a shotgun, also speaking for the mass executions.

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However, in this case, Lights and organizers hastened to disown and report anything illegal at the party was not.

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