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In the famous resort will forbid to drink alcohol in public places

На известном курорте запретят пить алкоголь в общественных местахProvides prison sentences.

The use of alcoholic beverages or cooking in public places on the beaches of Goa will be punished with fines of 2,000 rupees (about $ 28) or a prison term of up to three months. The same offense committed by a group of persons are punishable by a fine of 10,000 rupees.

The relevant amendment to the law on registration of tourist trade was made on Thursday 25 January, the Cabinet of Ministers of India. According to the procedure, now it is necessary to adopt at the forthcoming session of the State Assembly, which will begin on January 29.

The publication also quoted the Minister of tourism of India, Manohar Ajgaonkar, who said that after the entry into force of the amending photos of offenders can be sent to the Ministry of tourism via WhatsApp on a special phone number. Then 12 hours are bound to be taken. Writes the India Times, the oversight for tourists comes at a time when the government faced criticism from the tourism industry: the government is accused of lack of desire to attract “quality tourists” in Goa, even in the downturn in tourist arrivals, which is celebrated in the last two years.

In the opinion of representatives of Ukrainian tourist industry, the government of Goa are on the right step. “There is always the scope for which it is impossible to get out. Unfortunately, among the tourists are those who after leaving their country is losing human form. So I think such measures are appropriate,” – said the Director of “Siesta” Olga Dyachenko.

And the head of “Zeus travel” by Julia Taranenko considers that hardly the tightening of the rules of conduct on the beaches of Goa will create problems to someone of the campers. Besides, it is not clear how it will be monitored of compliance with the new rules of conduct. But the interviewees believe that in the case of adopting the above changes on them should be required to warn tourists going on holiday in this resort state.

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