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In the famous resort there is no drinking water

На известном курорте не хватает питьевой водыThe popular tourist Islands are faced with a crisis

The popular tourist Islands of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand has faced with the crisis of drinking water. The reason for this situation, the local authorities call mass tourism, writes The Telegraph.

One of the most popular Islands is known to the Thai archipelago of Phi Phi don has a shortage of fresh water due to the large number of tourists.

According to the latest study by researchers, the amount of disposable resources on the island are being rapidly depleted. Sources of fresh water on Phi Phi don are insufficient to satisfy guests ‘ needs. While tap water is contaminated with waste. Despite the humid climate, the island has only two water storage system.

In the dry season, from November to April, the island is filled with tourists, which causes a sharp increase in water demand. The lack of rain in these months does not allow you to recharge two freshwater body of water, said the scientists. A similar problem exists off the island of Phi Phi Ley.

Its popularity has increased significantly after the release of the film “the Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio in the title role. Currently, Phi-Lay closed to the public because of the threat to its ecology. The administration of the Islands have appealed for help to the Thai government.

The authorities do not exclude the introduction of restrictions in the number of tourists on both Islands.

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