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In the family of Ivan Krasko and his young wife took the long-awaited completion

In September, Ivan Krasko, Natalya celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Last year the wedding is 84-year-old people’s artist of Russia Ivan Krasko and his young lover, aspiring actress Natalia Shevel, has broken all records for discussion in the Network — because the bride younger than the groom for 60 years.

The couple have repeatedly talked about their desire to become parents. However, the young wife gave the actor an ultimatum: while they live in cramped housing conditions, neither of which the child may not be considered. However, as it turned out, the couple is not against to get a pet.

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Now paint a kitten, which they treated as their own child. About this actor told in the program NTV “You wouldn’t believe.” “Natasha asked me: “Dad, can I take a kitten?” This Clementine is just amazing closer and sealed our Union. As if we have a child, it’s amazing,” shared Ivan.

The actor answered the invariable question of what would happen if his wife will meet another, younger man: “it’s young, I understand. I tell her that sooner or later you’ll find someone, probably. We have the ring engraved “Everything passes”, is a dictum of Solomon.”

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Recall, the couple met in St. Petersburg Institute of humanitarian education, where Ivan Krasko taught, and Natalia Shevel was a student. The artist married for the fourth time. In the first marriage, the actor spent four years with second wife for over 40 years, the third chosen one was younger than 47 years, and a family unit lasted about 10 years.

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