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In the family of Americans settled “poltergeist”

В семье американцев поселился «полтергейст» He was caught on camera.

The family had long notices the strange things that happen in that mansion.

They are particularly scared of the nursery, which is a stroller.

They have repeatedly tried to get rid of her but every time she somehow mysteriously returned back to their home. Also, the tenants point out that this room is very often heard a baby crying. They remember that even the night I saw the outline of a baby in a stroller.

The family believes that their house settled poltergeist who prevents them from living. For this, they invited a group of scientists that specializiruetsya on paranormal phenomena, to help understand the situation.

American Chris Goodwin and his team of researchers of supernatural phenomena then visited the mansion in Vermont. They installed the camera in this ominous room. Also on the floor, they put children’s ball. The footage shows that the ball unexpectedly rolled by a semi – spontaneously, as if someone invisible had pushed him. Note that the room was empty.

Independent experts analyzed the video and concluded that there are no lines, pads or air gun by which it would be possible to remotely bring the toy in motion. That is, the recording is real.

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