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In the exclusion zone again fire

В зоне отчуждения снова пожарThe fire is localized on the area of 0,8 hectares, have informed in the state inspection of nuclear regulation.

According to the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations on June 8 in 13 hours. 17 min. in the exclusion zone and unconditional (mandatory) evacuation zone near the village of Kopachev there is a fire of dry litter on the area of about 1 ha. according to the State nuclear regulatory Inspectorate.

According to the report, as of 14 hours. 04 min. the fire is localized on the area of 0.8 ha. To extinguish the fire were involved 7. technology and 35 people, including from gschs 4 units of machinery and 15 personnel. “Aviation SSES (an-32P and Mi-8 helicopter) is ready to attract,” reads the message.

Coordinating fire-fighting exercises operational group of GU gschs of Ukraine in the Kiev region. According to published information, the radiation background at the site of SSE ChNPP is unchanged. “There is no threat to the personnel of nuclear facilities of SSE ChNPP is currently no”, – stated in the message.

As reported yesterday, rescuers reported that a wildfire in the Chernobyl zone in 17.50 was eliminated. A fire of dry grass, with subsequent spread of fire on a forest area of about 12 hectares in the exclusion zone took place on 5 June at 10.10 am. Burned area not far from buried in 1986 the village of kopaci in the Ivankov district, Kiev region. In particular, aircraft SSES since the beginning of works on fire fighting was carried out 69 discharges (318 tons).

The radiation background in Kiev, Chernobyl and the industrial site of the NPP is in the normal range, have informed yesterday in gschs.

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