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In the European Parliament for the first time running for Ukrainian migrants

В Европарламент впервые баллотируются украинские мигрантыIn total, four of them human.

A few migrants from Ukraine, who received citizenship in Poland, trying to get on elections to the European Parliament that for the first time in the history of the EU.

It is noted that in several Polish political parties, there are migrants from Ukraine.

I should add that these people are in parties that are very different views – the left Spring and the right-wing Confederation.

Add that to the list of the Confederation has got a resident of Donetsk who moved to Poland, where he collected aid for the occupied territories of Ukraine. However, it is clear that Lily is not shy Machackova Russian rhetoric, but also repeatedly visited the annexed Crimea, in contravention of the legislation of Ukraine.

The Polish nationalists joined Vladimir Osadchy. He has similar views with Machackova.

In the left Spring plans entered Oksana Litvinenko, a native of Lugansk. She’s a famous activist for women’s rights.

Lily Twardosh also included in the lists of Spring. She lives in Poland, a large part of his life, namely since 1997. Lily advocates for the protection of human rights.

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