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“In the eternal search for” journalists told who join the ranks of the Ukrainian unemployed

"В вечном поиске": журналисты рассказали, кто пополняет ряды украинских безработныхStudents, people of a certain age and lazy – these categories can be divided all of the unemployed Ukrainians.

Vacancies in the Ukraine are many, but the unemployed lack. Only officially registered unemployed, there are more than 400 thousand, but in reality, they are at times more. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” together with the experts have figured out who is most likely to be found among men “in search”.

I in the Directors went…

Oleg is not working for 5 years as contemptuously says his mother, “sitting on the neck of his wife”. And if the first couple of years, he still pretended that he was looking for work now no longer considers it necessary even to simulate rough activity.

– I, found in the garbage for 3 thousand hryvnias to work! – hot Oleg. Yeah I thought the transport will spend more! It is cheaper to sit at home! It only need to find a good job with the salary of the officer or Director to justify the transport

Here he sits, while his wife works. Oleg already all considered: the wife of a good salary. So let him work.

Alexei is a different story. The owl he graduated from the pedagogical University, it has the higher historical education. However, immediately after high school he quickly made sure that his diploma is not that impressive. Almost 20 years man interrupted temporary work not on a speciality, and the last year does not work anywhere else.

– The fact that at some point I decided: that’s enough, I’ll work on a specialty! – says Alex. But it turned out that after 20 years after graduation is quite difficult, because in my workbook is not a single entry in the specialty – only worker but a security guard…

On the road do not roll…

Statistics disappointing: on average Ukrainians looking for a job for six months, and for many, the search is delayed for a year or more. It is not surprising that a quarter of our citizens have a constant fear of being irrelevant.

While many recruiters are of the opinion: valuable employees is nothing to sneeze at! So professional with the experience and knowledge base is not fired. And if you get fired, it will instantly intercept another employer.

– To be honest, I don’t understand the concept of “unemployment”, – confessed “KP” in Ukraine” the General Director of the ESCADRA Recruitment Agency Ltd Yury Gorokhovsky. – Our small business grows, many simply refuse orders, plus tens of thousands of vacancies in the sites of employment. So, who wants to find a job. And those who, for whatever reason, for a long time are not likely experiencing fear of change, don’t want to change and learn new things.

Director for Eastern Europe the company WORLD STAFF Vitaly Mikhailov believes that the majority of Ukrainian unemployed can be divided into three main groups.

1.Students and young professionals.

– I think that in most cases, this “lazy students”, – says the expert. A good student works part – time during school, so after graduation he had problems with employment there. But lazy students 4-5 years and studied carelessly, and looking for work start slowly and reluctantly. And that the results are appropriate.

2. People of a certain age

– Ukraine, unfortunately, it is not only 45+, but sometimes 35+, – says Mikhailov. – If the accountant 40 years and above is quite normal age, marketers or office managers “aged” look weird, at least in our country. In any case, the closer one is to retirement, the less willing to take a job, and absolutely nothing! People in the category of 45+ is the most stable and reliable employees. And, by the way, unlike younger colleagues, they will continue to work in good faith even if the work is not uninteresting.

3. Lazy

– People who do not belong neither to the first nor to the second category, and still can’t find a job, – said Vitaly Mikhailov. – Although I would have said – don’t want to. Of course, in different regions, the situation is different, but in Kiev to find a job is not too difficult.

The gift no one wants to work

Psychologist Marina Derkach among the main reasons that prevent Ukrainians enthusiastically search for work calls low wages. Of course, many say that the statistics do not agree, and, given the wages in envelopes, Ukrainians earn a lot more. But experts say the 3200 UAH. a month is not official, namely, real wages in many areas. And work for the money – that is, almost nothing – few are ready.

One more important reason is the lack of motivation. Domestic companies are not able and are not able to motivate staff. Many employers firmly believe that if they had not been fired, there is already one that made him a priceless gift. It is clear that such “motivation system” is not all happy.

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