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In The Elder Scrolls Online starts the free week

В The Elder Scrolls Online начинается бесплатная неделяAll new accounts The Elder Scrolls Online will receive a present of 500 crowns.

The Elder Scrolls Online lived up to another important point: it passed through more than 10 million players. On this occasion, the developers organize a special event and start your free week.

The game will open for everyone today, November 30. Platform — PC (including Steam version) and PlayStation 4 (requires PlayStation Plus subscription). Xbox One this time. Freebie will end on 6 December.

All new accounts The Elder Scrolls Online will receive a gift of 500 crowns to spend in-game Crown Store. For example, they sell potions, scrolls experience, food and cute animals-satellites.

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Separately, the authors warn: The Elder Scrolls Online is about 80 GB, so better to make sure on the hard drive of your device have enough free space.

In addition, newcomers can participate in a special event. If you complete a random dungeon using the Dungeon Finder (in the “normal” or “veteran”), then the award will get a Mysterious Reward Box — a Box with random things where drop experience scrolls, potions, “pet”, “mounts” and costumes. There’s even a couple of very valuable (and very rare!) prizes: set of 20 houses or 20 “mounts”.

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Every day one character can get a single box. Time distribution of Mysterious Reward Box coincides with the free week, from 30 November to 6 December.

Steam and PlayStation Store are also 50% discounts on different sets.

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